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Advice in Mind

Advice in Mind (AiM)

The AiM project is a 3 year BIG Lottery funded service, designed to help suffering with both financial and mental health problems people in Ashfield and Mansfield.

Debt and Mental Health

Debt and mental health problems are still rarely talked about but very common, when debt mounts up, so does stress and anxiety – putting people at risk of serious ill health. According to a 2014 survey 36% of people who have or have had mental health problems have severe or crisis debts. Similarly, debt counsellors Christians Against Poverty found that 42% of those seeking debt help had been prescribed medication by their GP to help them cope, 76% of those in a couple said debt had affected their relationship and 36% had considered or attempted suicide.

Recent research undertaken by the National Citizens Advice Service (May, 2014) showed that half of clients who accessed debt advice services had a mental health problem and three quarters have had one at some point in the past. Further research has shown that one in two people with debts have a mental disorder, compared with 14 per cent of the general population with no debts (Jenkins et al. 2009), and that the more debt a person has the more likely they are to have some form of mental health disorder. It isn’t clear whether mental health problems cause a person to fall into debt and financial hardship, nor that debt can cause mental health problems, but there is certainly a strong link between the two (Fitch et al. 2011)

What does the AiM Service Do?

The ‘Advice in Mind’ (AiM) service helps individuals suffering from stress, anxiety and depression by providing one to one support through dedicated caseworkers with specialist training in debt advice. The service works closely with health professionals and agencies to ensure service users receive more holistic support, focusing on their financial, phiscial and mental well being.

The project also runs facilitated self-help groups where service users can share their experiences with others in difficult circumstances and work with a professional to gain skills enabling them to better cope with challenges.

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