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  • Worried you’re being left behind, without strong presence and a narrative that communicates your values to your audience?
  • Want to run powerful campaigns that make a difference and deliver change?
  • Concerned that policy solutions and systems aren’t responding to people’s needs?

How NAN Consultancy can help

To develop a leading presence requires you to think about what makes an organisation stand out from the rest, what kind of organisation are you, how are you perceived and who are your key stakeholders?

We recognise that times are tough, for people and organisations, diminished resources and increased demand for services has put a massive strain on budgets. Now more than ever organisations need to be able to demonstrate reach and impact. Good communication is key to building support, and excellent communication wins it.

Our expert team can help you create a winning brand, strong media presence and give you the tools to build effective campaigns for a range of needs. Whether you’re concerned about social justice and influencing policy or raising awareness and increasing your market share we can help you achieve change.

Campaign Support and Training

We can design and run end to end campaigns for a variety of purposes, whether you want to launch a new product or service, raise funds or tackle a specific issue. Alternatively we can help you build your own campaigning capacity, through our ‘best practice in campaigning’ training courses. Our practical workshops focus on building your skills and giving you the tools to develop and deliver campaigns that influence change.  View our training diary for dates or contact us to discuss a specific requirement

Social Justice

Social justice advocacy is about fairness, equality and the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within society. It represents a series of actions taken and issues highlighted to change the “what is” into a “what should be”, considering that this “what should be” is a more decent and a more just society.

That might include access to affordable credit for low income households and families, the right to a decent and safe home, equal access to services regardless of race, colour, gender, age or socioeconomic status or the right to be warm, fed and have access to quality healthcare services. Frequently however society is not just, and whether as a result of policy, personal or systematic failure, people are often left vulnerable and excluded.

Drawing on more than 20 years expertise across the public, private and third sectors our team can help you tackle social injustice. Through using appropriate mechanisms to question how policy is both made and administered, opening up a space for debate, targeting the political systems that are not meeting people’s needs and advocating on behalf of your organisation and its service users.

Marketing and Promotion

We can help you devise winning marketing campaigns to better position and promote your services. In a climate of increasing competitiveness can you afford to be left behind?

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